What a best face cream should be

What is a face cream? A face cream is a cream based skin product that helps treat some skin problem particularly in our face. It is believed to be rejuvenating, anti-aging and wrinkle erasers. It can also make our skin firmer and some face creams contain ingredients that can whiten the skin.

The best face cream should contain the right amount of moisturiser. Irregular amount or too much moisturizer can cause us breakouts or pimples while small amount of moisturizer can even cause us dry skin and rough skin. It should also contain Vitamin C that enhances and revitalizes the natural production of collagen that radiance our skin. A good facial cream can smooth your skin with in overnight time. It should hydrate and diminish the fine lines or wrinkles in our face if continued used or depending on how long you use the product.

Some face creams contains a sunblock or UV protection from harmful sun rays. It is best for face cream and sunblock to come together so they can easily be applied at once. It’s necessary for us to apply sunblock or sunscreen because sun exposure is the number 1 cause of skin damage, and sunblock is proven to be the most essential skin product.

The best face cream should easily be absorbed by our skin, it should be light weight and non-greasy. It should also be clinically and dermatologically tested, that even person with sensitive skin can use it.  But no matter how we religiously use a certain product, it may or may not be effective to our skin. A face cream should not necessarily be expensive. There are a lot of inexpensive products that works well in different people’s skin. We should first acknowledge what type of skin we have, if we have dry, oily or sensitive skin.  The effectiveness of the products we use every day still depends on its ingredients.

Lastly, a best face cream should have a good packaging and labels. In which includes a visible list that contains the ingredients used in that specific product. Peoples have different skin or chemical reaction in each chemical ingredient. A direction to use or guide is an essential too. They tend to read first the labels to check if they have a certain allergy to certain ingredients used. The time of advised use and amount should be indicated at the packaging too, there are some ingredients that can only be use at night time because it won’t work well during day time where the sun is present.

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